Negative Ions

Benefits of Negative Ions

Ions are charged particles, either positive or negative, that attain a charge through the loss or gain of electrons. A positive ion has fewer electrons than protons, resulting in a net positive electrical charge. Negative ions contain additional electrons, which provide a negative electrical charge. Essentially odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules, they can be observed in everyday interactions such as static electricity. However, this common particle can contribute to an improvement in overall health and wellness. 

Have you ever felt refreshed while hiking through the woods or after having spent a day at the beach? This is due in large part to the elevated level of negative ions that are present in forests, beaches, waterfalls and other natural water sources. Negative ions have been reported to contribute to positive changes in mood and behavior. Another way that negative ions help promote greater heath is through reducing the air of dust, pollen and other domestic air borne pollutants. Through the simple act of breathing in negative ions, you can facilitate an increase in metabolism and circulation, all major contributing elements to a better nights’ rest and relief.