How do I store my TheraMat? 

The Shield Life Theramats do not have to be stored away during the off-season. You can continue to benefit from TheraMat’s natural negative ion spring while it is plugged in, even though it is not turned on. 

We do not recommend excessively refolding the TheraMat, as this will compromise the integrity of the sensitive heating element. The Shield Life TheraMats must be stored in the original manner, when it was first received. 

What is the warranty for my Shield Life product? 

All Shield Life products are accompanied by a 1-year warranty. 

What should I do if the temperature controller gets warm? 

- Please check to see that the temperature setting has not been set on HIGH. 

- Check to see that the product is not folded in any area. Folds lead to a concentration heat in the specific area. 

- If the product is still too hot, unplug the product, and contact customer service. 

How can I become an Authorized Shield Life Distributor?

Please e-mail all related questions to info@shieldlife.com